Starting a Business

Starting a business is a big task.

It is also more than likely rewarding, challenging and in some cases stressful.

There are so many questions and associated options at these initial stages –

Sole trader or a company?

Do I need to register for GST?

How do I complete a BAS?

How do I get an ABN?

What insurances do I need?

Do I need a Business Plan?

Depending on your business size and expected turnover, there can be a mountain of forms to complete.

Helping other small business, and going through this process myself a couple of times, I’ve seen the forms, I know how to fill them in and I can help you along the way. I can provide structured support to you as you take that exciting step of hanging your shingle out. Just give me a call, email, or fill in the form on my Contact me page and you’re already part of the way there!

I know that looking for the experts around this time is a bit of a challenge.

That’s why I’m happy for our first meeting to be completely free of charge – I’ll even pay for the coffee. And there’s no 1 hour limit here – take as long as you want. I want to get to know you and your business so I can offer the best possible service.

So Contact me today – comfortable in the knowledge that your first meeting is on me.