About us

About Luks Consulting

I am a Newcastle based small business endeavouring to help other small businesses. I take the time to sit down and understand your business so I can fully understand your needs, whether they be simple Bookkeeping requirements, assistance with invoicing, Management Accounting (the stuff you and the Bookkeeper can’t or don’t like doing) or starting your own business.

I communicate in easy to understand language and save the technical mumbo jumbo for the tax man.

So, if you’re in Newcastle or surrounds and you need assistance with Bookkeeping, Management Accounting or any other accounting solution, give me a call today.

About Andrew Luks

Having grown up in Bathurst, NSW, I yearned to get into the action so moved to Newcastle for some tertiary education, namely my  Bachelor of Commerce degree. The plan was to head to Sydney or back to the country, however finding the Newcastle beaches, cafes and general lifestyle just too comfortable (as well as finding the woman I would later marry) meant Newcastle and I made a commitment to stay in each other’s lives for a lot longer. Following a stint overseas I knew reality had to bite so came home and somehow convinced the Institute of Chartered Accountants I had what it took to tell people where their money had gone and maybe how they could get a bit more in the door.

I quickly realised that I enjoyed working in a business far more than working outside it, so made the decision to concentrate my skills and efforts on being an outsourced employee of businesses. Working with the owner of the business and knowing their motivations and hopes means I can share their vision in order to help them achieve it.

I have worked in Newcastle, Sydney and London in a variety of firms and businesses.

In my spare time I enjoy cycling both for relaxation and competition, however these days my young sons take great delight in gobbling up any spare time my wife and I have. You just can’t say no to those eyes though!